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Allied Salvage & Metals (1985) Ltd.

Allied Salvage & Metals (1985) Ltd.


Waste & Recycling



In 1952, the original recycling company operated out of a small property at 315 Powell Street, where Isador Weinstein and occasionally one or two additional employees would peddle for materials and recycle them. After Isador’s passing in 1972, his son George took over operations and oversaw a move to 43 East 1st Street under the title False Creek Resources. In 1985, with the help of George’s son Arthur, the business became known as Allied Salvage and Metals. The business remained at this location until Expo ’86 acquired the property.

At this time, the business moved to Richmond, eventually landing on Mitchell Island in the early 1990’s, where we remain today. Once settled, Arthur purchased more trucks enabling Allied to expand its recycling mandate. In 2003, the company purchased it’s neighbouring property, over doubling its acreage. Adding in the next generation, Ian joined Arthur in 2003 and helped take the company to new levels. We now own and operate a variety of equipment, enabling us to continue expansion on all fronts. We now recycle all metals (excluding cars), and our client base is global. As much as we have expanded, we continue to maintain our high standards and incorporate our important family values into every aspect of our operations.


Allied Salvage is, and has always been, a family business. The company was initiated by Arthur Weinstein’s grandfather, Isador Weinstein, in 1952. Isador’s son, George Weinstein, joined the company shortly after its inception. Arthur Weinstein, the current director and grandson of Isador, first became involved with the company in 1965 during his teenage years. Arthur Weinstein’s son, Ian, has now been employed by Allied Salvage since 2003. The company’s history spans more than 50 years and four generations. In addition to being family owned and operated, Allied Salvage was founded upon, and has developed around, family-oriented values.


recycle-signIsador Weinstein, deeply committed to conservation and recycling, was a visionary ahead of his time. The founding principles of his business were the reduction of needless waste and the preservation of natural resources. During a period in North American history not typically noted for its environmental consciousness, Isador took his anachronistic concerns for the natural world and implemented them practically through a corporation; Allied Salvage provided an early precedent for the profitability of ecological business models. In addition to applying his concern for the environment to his business, Isador Weinstein also instilled environmentally conscious values in his descendants.

Just as the reins of The Allied Salvage FamilyAllied Salvage have been passed down from father to son across four generations, so too have the original values and principles that inspired the formation of the business – environmentalism, conservation, recycling and hard work –passed from father to son. To Arthur Weinstein, the scrap business is tantamount to “mining the surface of the world”, decreasing reliance on conventional mining and prolonging human access to natural resources.


Our mission is to ensure top scrap metal recycling productivity, while maintaining a positive work environment and demonstrating loyalty to our employees and all of our customers. We aim to ensure that our family values as an organization are kept in line with our environmentally sustaining business practices.

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